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on March 24, 2014. Posted in General News, Gigs, Peace Train

Last Saturday night I had the thrill of playing to a capacity crowd at Taronga Zoo as part of the incredible season that is Twilight at Taronga. We had been looking forward to this performance of Peace Train for so long and the crowd certainly made it a night for us to remember. Looking out from the stage and seeing 1500 people sing, dance, embrace and give our performance a standing ovation was overwhelming for us all and certainly an image I shall carry with me for a long time.

The concert almost came to an abrupt and disappointing end when a massive thunder and lighting storm pounced on us just after our sound check at around 5pm? We had to evacuate the stage and bunker down for around 20 minutes whilst the event organisers debated whether or not we could continue! Fortunately for us and the audience, the storm passed, and when it did a beautiful calm and clear night embraced us all for a sensational evening.

It was great to have all my family there to share in this incredible chapter of the Peace Train ride. My beautiful wife and children, Mum and Dad, my sister in the band, brother in law, nieces and nephews who all traveled up from Wagga Wagga, it was certainly a real family affair and wonderful that they had some time to visit the animals and take a look around this truly incredible zoo. A big thanks to my incredible band and crew Doug Gallacher, Dale Allison, Mick Malouf, Simone Canning, Naomi Hocker, Wayne Sims, Dean Stephens who give their all every show, it’s a real privilege to share the stage with you!

The backdrop for Twilight In Taronga is truly breathtaking, with Sydney Harbour and the city skyline as the set, it’s the most incredible sight! Just as the final chords of Peace Train rang out, fireworks erupted in the night sky to herald the end of one of the most amazing nights of my life and certainly that of Peace Train, this incredible journey that I’m so grateful to be gliding on.

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