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Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre

on May 11, 2012. Posted in Gigs, War Stories Regional Tour 2012

Bunbury Regional Entertainment centre
Wednesday May 9, 2012, 12:30pm

Well I can’t believe that the first leg of our ‘War Stories’ tour has come to an end in fine style here in Bunbury W.A. The magnificent Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre treated us to a great show with some hearty laughter from the crowd. It was also great to see so many high school students in attendance, I appreciated their enthusiasm and hopefully they went away having learned something about a personal side of our military history and what is such a big part of who we are as a nation today.

A funny true story for you – it was such a beautiful morning in Bunbury today, so I decided to get up early and take myself for a walk along the water just down from the awesome MANTRA apartments that we stayed in. After the walk I found a great DOME café on the water’s edge and ordered a coffee to have at a table outside – a superb way to start the day. As I was sitting there, admiring the view, the waitress, who was of an Asian nationality, came out yelling, “STIFF…? STIFF..?”. I looked around and as I was the only one sitting in this part of the café she came towards me. When she got to my table she said (affect Asian accent) “You have stiff one?” I said, “I’m sorry, could you say that again”. “You have a stiff one?” she said in a determined tone, Bwwaahhhhh!!!!, I nearly fell off my chair! Upon my reaction she said, totally straight faced and speaking slowly as if I didn’t understand what she was talking about, “Did…you…order…a…stiff…one?….a stiff coffee?”, I could barley hold myself together and replied, “no sorry, I ordered a flat white”, (which probably speaks volumes about me in context of this situation – FLAT Vs STIFF). Anyway, she turned, not amused and continued looking for the customer with a stiff one – hilarious!

It’s been a great journey on this tour so far. The next leg isn’t until October/November and sees us throughout Queensland for 3 weeks from Mt Isa to the Gold Coast and everywhere in between. I’m really looking forward to it and continuing the adventure in the heat of a Queensland summer. 

Special cheers to the ladies in the Arts On Tour NSW Office for co-ordinating this tour for me – I truly am so blessed to be able to travel Australia and play these beautiful theatres  - thanks ladies!

So, in the immortal words of the great war time singer Vera Lynn….

“We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.”

See you in Queensland!  

A beautiful Bunbury morning enjoying my coffee – the view from DOME cafe – STIFF ONE?