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Casula Powerhouse – April 26, 2012

on April 25, 2012. Posted in Gigs, War Stories Regional Tour 2012

G’day everyone, well our national tour of War Stories kicked off in fine form yesterday (April 26) at Casula Powerhouse in Sydney. We played two shows in this very funky theatre and thoroughly enjoyed the intimate nature of the unique space. A big thanks to the staff at the powerhouse for their fabulous hospitality and hard work! It was a serious case of dejavu for me, starting our national tour of War Stories in the same venue where we finished our national tour of Peace Train.

A funny true story for you – as I was about to walk on stage for our first show, I noticed a lady wandering around back stage. She came up to me in the wings of the stage and asked if I could locate the owner of the car that was parked in the loading dock. I told her that the car was mine and that is where I was supposed to park and could she not see that we were doing a show here!!!!! To which she replied, sorry mate, I don’t care if your Elvis, I have a delivery and need access to the loading dock!…..but I’m literally about to walk on stage….like now….so go to my dressing room and you’ll see my keys and if you really must move the car you will have to do it yourself because…..and cue prompt entrance of me for the first song. Anyway, all through the first act, all I could think of was…OMG who have I just given my car keys to? Anyway, at interval, there they were back in my dressing room and the car was indeed moved – you see, there are still honest people in this world!

Next stop Tassie – bring on the James Boags and the King Island cheese!!!!!